Walking the Yorkshire Moors: Textiles, Art and the Landscape

The 'Woven' festival is about celebrating the textile industry across the Kirklees region. As part of a 2 week programme of events, I went on a textile art walk on the Pennine Moors just above Marsden. The walk was led by a researcher and weaver with interests in textiles and rural landscapes. At the beginning... Continue Reading →

Shot of the ceiling of a casino in Leeds: Photo by guest photographer Alex J Bridger (April 2018)

Walking to Waterloo

I've been researching the battle of Waterloo, the Napoleonic Wars and also learning about wargaming for the past couple of months. So on the 18th June 2015 I decided to combine my interests with political history, wargaming and psychogeography by doing a dérive in the 'other' Waterloo in Huddersfield. The point of such a walk... Continue Reading →

Laibach rock band, situationist theory and capitalism

Question: How does one 'do' deconstruction and detournement without it becoming simply an academic enterprise? Answer: Laibach !!! What's interesting about this metal/industrial/rock German band is their use of situationist strategies such as detournement and provocation and also their discursive deconstruction of ideas such as nation state, capitalism and immigration - for more info check... Continue Reading →

The monkey magic walk

Many moons ago there existed a broadly psychogeographical group called the bored in the city collective. They were a group of radical academics, artists and activists from Manchester, Stockport and Huddersfield. They used to do lots of random things like burying time capsules, lunar water walks and undertaking political studies of gentrification of towns and... Continue Reading →

Language, power and politics

Poetry is a knife that cuts language up Language uses rules which poetry breaks Language is a stake We use language and language uses us Language is a power A power to use and a power to abuse Who has the 'right' to use language? Whose language has more status? Politicians love language They know... Continue Reading →

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