Language, power and politics

Poetry is a knife that cuts language up Language uses rules which poetry breaks Language is a stake We use language and language uses us Language is a power A power to use and a power to abuse Who has the 'right' to use language? Whose language has more status? Politicians love language They know... Continue Reading →

Tour de France – Holme Moss

The Tour de France got me thinking about the idea of professional cyclists trying to get from a to b as quickly as possibly in order to be the fastest cyclist. It's not really a 'psychogeographical' endeavour but there are numerous ways that it could be...both for the cyclists and the spectators... In line with... Continue Reading →

Tour de France

This morning I noticed that there were a lot more cyclists on the road than usual. I wonder whether some of the pro cyclists that are meant to be preparing for the Grand Depart from Leeds have either got lost by accident or maybe they have decided to do a cycle dérive! Seeing as this... Continue Reading →

A drift around Paddock

I recently read Farley and Robert's Edgelands book which is an excellent account of familiar but forgotten spaces which are neither part of cities or the countryside. The Edgelands are in fact the 'spaces in between' places ... The writers Farley and Roberts argue that the Edgelands tend to be 'ignored or misrepresented' in much... Continue Reading →

The Meltham to Marsden dérive

A few days ago I decided that I wanted to go on a long country walk from one village to another village. There wasn't any real particular reason other than to see what it would be like to walk on a route that is largely used by car drivers and a few road cyclists. So... Continue Reading →

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